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I found a haven in art at a young age as I carved out quiet corners in elementary school art classes and playrooms I shared with my brother in our little house on the court and our grandparents' dining room tables. Since those peaceful days, I've continued to show up to my creative practice each morning and evening tucked into the wooden desk under my bedroom window: inspired to capture on paper the things we feel in our heart but can't always see with our eyes.

As I settle here, my surroundings and the sun have the biggest influence over my creativity and spirits: finding inspiration in the little joys living alongside me in my tiny apartment — the plants, the way light intertwines with shadow on the wall above my couch, nurturing nooks — as well as the wildflowers, gardens, meadows, valleys, character-filled architecture I stumble upon throughout town, and the unheard connections that live between us all.

The illustrations you see here are my way of memorializing these gentle tales: my chosen method of storytelling above all else. As you peruse, it is my hope that you'll find self-compassion in the growth process of the tiniest of seedlings as they grow into the most abundant gardens, and find stillness in the enchanting everyday.

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botanical illustrations

simple black-and-white fine art prints featuring illustrations of seasonal harvests & florals that characterize the hope that grows all around each season.

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greeting cards

designed with connection in mind, spread joy with a sweet hand-written note to a friend, a thoughtful message to a family member, or good wishes to your clients/employees.

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fine art prints

hand-painted illustrations weaving together the chronicles of seasonal joys  — from our daily wanderings to the fairy tales enchanting the moments in between.

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family portraits

watercolour illustrations rooted in connection to commemorate the home we find within each other — whether we find ourselves together or apart.

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homebody illustrations

to tell the story of your house & the people that make it a home, so that no matter what your next chapter holds, you can always take its tales along with you.

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graduation portraits

watercolour illustrations celebrating the graduates that achieved the impossible this year as ceremonies come & pass a little differently than normal.

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At every chance I get, I am chipping away at cultivating creativity in small ways — gardening, photography, writing, interior design, painting, and, of course, illustrating. If you'd like to follow along, I send out newsletter on the first of every month with calendars for your iPhone, the first look at new products, projects I've been working on, exclusive coupon codes, seasonal reflections, and coffee chats on creative living. I would love to welcome you into my little community!

see you in your inbox on the first of the month!

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