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We commit our greatest acts of hope in the walls of greenhouses and in our gardens as we plant tiny seeds from paper packages into pots of soil, provide them with appropriate levels of sunlight, water, and temperature, and watch as they grow roots, sprout little seedlings, and become flowers, fruits, and vegetables in later seasons. 


This illustration is filled with a collection of whimsical items capturing those days and the faith that we have in them: the gloves we use to gently sow soil, the packets of seeds we plant when we envision the gardens we’ll grow, the shovels and sheers and spray bottles we use to encourage them along their way, the baskets of harvests we reap, the aprons whose pockets we fill with wildflowers and weeds, and the hats that we tuck daisies into and wear during the most blissful of spring days.


Paired with a recycled kraft envelope, this greeting card is ready to spread spring's hope and adventure to loved ones near and far!

Greenhouse Greeting Card

  • 5 x 7 inches

Decals for Website.png