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One of my favourite things about the holiday season is how much it brings us together. To help spread the cheer, I have created two holiday card illustrations that capture the nostalgia and warmth of the season — from snow-covered rooftops to twinkling night skies, letter-filled mailboxes, big mugs of hot chocolate, and paper packages tied up with twine.


To help you wish your most loyal clients and employees a lovely holiday season and thank them for a wonderful year, these greeting cards come with an envelope and can be customized with your logo and a personalized message inside!




1. Choose the design for the front of your card and the quantity you'd like to order

2. Customize the writing you would like on the front of your card

3. Add a personalized message for the inside of your card to let your employees/clients know how much you appreciate them. This is optional — and you are welcome to instead leave the inside blank and leave a hand-written note!

4. Upgrade your order to include a customized logo envelope seal for an added touch if you choose.

5. Email a high-resolution image of your logo — preferably with a transparent background to

6. Before your greeting cards head to print, I will send you a digital proof so you can ensure everything looks good beforehand!

Customizable Holiday Cards

  • To help you spread some holiday cheer, I offer these customizable greeting cards and envelope seals at a wholesale price:

    ❃ Greeting Card Unit Prices (Canadian $) ❃

    50 cards: $5.60 each

    100 cards: $4.41 each

    150 cards: $4.07 each

    200 cards: $3.79 each

    250 cards: $3.56 each

    ❃ Envelope Seal Unit Prices (Canadian $) ❃

    50 stickers: $1.40 each

    100 stickers: $1.04 each

    150 stickers: $0.78 each

    200 stickers: $0.66 each

    250 cards: $0.58 each

Decals for Website.png