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For the places where laughter, framed memories, worn jeans, dents, and scratches live, and the people behind the windows and doors that make it a home. Our humble houses provide us with deep roots and connect us to the past and the future — the people that occupied it before us and the patter of paw prints and chatter of children that will fill it after our departure — offering us slivers of faith in the journey and peace in what is yet unseen.


These illustrations commemorate all of the quirks, beauty, and memories of your abode — so that no matter which roads you travel down, you will always make your way back to the feeling of “home” it offers. These custom prints are a wonderful way to celebrate a move, the selling of a home (or second home), the moving into a new abode, or the everyday moments that rest in your current house.


I would love more than anything to tell a little part of you and your home’s story — details on how to order follow below.


❃ How to Order ❃


  1. Purchase the illustration from this page to secure a slot!
  2. Once the transaction has gone through, send an email to containing photos of your home (preferably one straight-on shot) that are clear enough to show the small details if you can, but the best you have is perfect. Plus, include any other details/customizations you’d like me to make note of!
  3. After 7-10 business days after your initial contact with me, I will email you a high resolution digital version of the illustration! If you would like any edits/adjustments made, I'm always happy to accommodate.


This is a digital portrait only — if you would like physical copies of your illustration, head to this page. 

*Digital* Custom "Homebody" Illustration

  • 8 x 10 inches

  • Illustrations will be delivered via email within 7- 10 business days of your initial contact with me providing photos and the information listed in the product description! If there are any delays, I will contact you. Upon digital delivery, you can request any changes to your watercolour illustration if you’d like!


    Once received, print out your artwork right at home.

Decals for Website.png