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These custom portraits are for the joy of our pursuits: the things that keep our hands and hearts busy when the world around is still, the things that wake us up in the early mornings and keep us up into the night, the activities that bring quiet fulfillment when we’re tucked away in corners and nobody is watching, the recreations that keep our minds lively and hopeful, the little undertakings that capture the spirit and curiosity of being alive.


They’re for the artists, writers, activists, retirees, poets, gardeners, athletes, and home cooks; for the interior designers making houses homes, the musicians that sound magic through the world, the photographers documenting life in scrapbooks and polaroids, the volunteers keeping the earth turning, the nature enthusiasts who know what it means to talk to the trees, the animal lovers who learned to speak beyond words.


If you’re looking to capture yourself or a loved one in the midst of one (or more) of these pursuits, details on how to order follow.




1. Purchase the illustration from this page to secure a slot!

2. Once the transaction has gone through, send an email to containing photo(s) of the person who’ll be the subject of the portrait and any photos you may have of that person pursuing those hobbies, or of specific jerseys, materials, etc for reference (optional).

3. After 7-10 business days after your initial contact with me, I will email you a high resolution digital version of the illustration. Once received, you are able to request any edits if necessary!


This is a digital portrait only — if you would like physical copies of your hobbyist portrait, head here.

*Digital* "The Hobbyist" Portrait

  • 8 x 10 inches

  • Portraits will be delivered via email within 7-10 business days of your initial contact with me providing photos and the information listed in the product description! If there are any delays, I will contact you. Upon digital delivery, you can request any changes to your portrait if you’d like!

    Once received, print out your portrait right at home.

Decals for Website.png