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At a time when many families are physically apart, we are reminded more than ever of the importance of our connection. While we are apart, our cartoon selves can provide the hugs and closeness with our family we are longing for until we can physically meet again. They are a way to capture us in a moment and even remember family members and/or pets that have left us. But most importantly, these customized family portraits offer a way to commemorate the “home” we find within one another — whether we are together or apart.


I would love more than anything to tell a little part of your family’s story — details on how to order follow below!




1. Purchase the illustration from this page to secure a slot!

2. Once the transaction has gone through, send an email to containing  photos of the members of your family (and your pets, which are also members of the family) — preferably with one group shot so I can get a sense of everyone’s height and proportions and a mix of individual photos showing each person’s clothing preference, personality, etc.

3. After 7-10 business days after your initial contact with me, I will email you a high resolution digital version of the illustration. If you'd like to make any edits/adjustments once you receive your artwork, I'm always happy to accommodate!


This is a digital portrait only — if you would like physical copies of your family portrait, head here. Custom portrait slots will be made available every Sunday — so if you notice portraits are out of stock, check back next weekend!

*Digital* "Wherever You Are Is Home" Custom Family Portrait

  • 8 x 10 inches

  • Portraits will be delivered via email within 7-10 business days of your initial contact with me providing photos and the information listed in the product description! If there are any delays, I will contact you. Upon digital delivery, you can request any changes to your portrait if you’d like!


    Once received, print out your portrait right at home.

Decals for Website.png