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Characteristic of the niagara region, Riesling and Vidal Blanc grapes are one of the few harvests that are meant for the snow: their red and white varieties made into ice wine for those that prefer their happy hour and friendly gatherings sweet! Once frozen from the layers of snow and ice, these grapes are picked and pressed rather quickly — making them extra high in sugar and giving them a rich flavour. Growing as courageous vines through the harshest of winters, they teach us of all the sweet things that come with a little resilience.


This botanical illustration is a part of the ever growing harvest collection — a handful of fine art prints I created with the intention of cultivating a space that encourages stillness, slow growth, self-compassion, and hope. Like each illustration in the collection, these grapes serve as a reminder to have grace with yourself as you plant your own seeds, grow your roots, and reap your well-earned harvests. The most bountiful gardens grow from the small of seeds — so during sproutless seasons, keep patiently tending to the unseen undergrounds: a time to harvest will come precisely when it’s meant to.

Ice Wine Grapes Fine Art Print

  • This fine art print is produced on lightly textured, archival quality agave paper. Its natural white tone does not contain any optical brighteners, which, combined with its delicate matte finish, showcases the colours and fine details of each illustration beautifully, ensuring high quality and longevity while reducing environmental impact.


    Paper Characteristics:


    • 70% agave fibre, 30% cotton
    • Acid & lignin-free
    • High water resistance
    • Museum quality & age resistant
    • Delicately textured matte finish
    • Does not contain optical brighteners
    • Weight: 290 gsm
Decals for Website.png