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I was sitting at a coffee bar nestled between a bright yellow community arts centre and hilly street in a small fishing town in Nova Scotia. The main floor apartment I was staying in had a flimsy coffee maker and noisy tenant on the floor above, so I’d found a home in this cafe, its peculiar hours, and wobbly wooden desks. The owner decided to decorate the inside that day with an abundance of fresh flowers in clay pots, hoping to will the spring into existence to break the cold outside. 


I traced the lines of one of the ranunculus flowers on the windowsill with my eyes, following the curves of its outer petals into its tightly wound center in circles. From then, the ranunculus flower became a symbol of renewal; that sometimes it takes venturing far from your center to find it again. But no matter how far gone you feel, you will always make your way back. Often slower to bloom, the ranunculus flower also serves as a reminder that good things come from growing slow.


When words aren’t enough, we often turn to the language of wildflowers. Paired with a recycled kraft envelope, this greeting card offers a way to send the lessons and messages of ranunculus to those that need to hear them most. 

Ranunculus Greeting Card

  • 5 x 7 inches

Decals for Website.png