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These eager flowers line the walks I take down familiar sideroads each day: their petals found in the humble corners of cobblestone paths leading up to my neighbours’ front doors, hugging the roots of trees in suburban gardens, in rows along the fence where I park my car. As one of the first brave flowers to bloom in the spring — a courageous departure through the last layer of frost — they are dares to be the first. Tulips seem to lean toward the adventure of it all — their centers opening unapologetically wide like wings with time. Their long leaves twist around their stems in support of their openness to the world as they fearlessly whisper “be brave.”


When words aren’t enough, we often turn to the language of wildflowers. Paired with a recycled kraft envelope, this greeting card offers a way to send the lessons and messages of tulips to those that need to hear them most. 


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Tulips Greeting Card

  • 5 x 7 inches

Decals for Website.png